MDRDS Providing Sports and Games to The Schools

 Providing Sports and Games to The Schools

Sport and game articles are given to the schools for  the children to play during games hour (period). Each class has an hour of games every day. We donate a few items of each game to each school.

Our current focus is providing the needed support  to help the poor families to send their children to school to receive their primary school education . We provide books, dresses, and benches etc. We provide  these basic items to the schools that need them.
Providing education is an important component for the organization, particularly primary education to start with, so that every child is sent to the school with our help.13707535_1091127414287447_1733655666038439791_n      13731516_1091127104287478_540952149197790741_n 13731619_1091127107620811_1338545793327427719_n 13754369_1091127090954146_3654604381623377541_n 13769464_1091127410954114_4289202972551667866_n 13775467_1091127320954123_6680024432821925829_n


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