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MTRDS supports the belief that education of children is very important.  We believe it is not only important for male children to receive an education but also the female child.

“Education is the most effective way to empower the rural poor to get out of poverty” illiteracy is a correlate of poverty and hunger and is mainly a rural phenomenon which hinders rural development and food security, threatens productivity and health and limits opportunities to improve livelihoods. Rural people are struggling from the ages to develop themselves and their children. But the poverty is the main reason which is interrupting in many ways. Rural people are mainly depending on agriculture and ending up with losses. Women are going for the daily wages where their income is not meeting their minimum needs. As a result they are sending their children to the work as a child labor. Now a day’s education has become a commercial element to the corporate industry. Plenty of Zee schools, B schools, international schools etc., have established by the corporate companies in the cities but when it comes to rural area there are some government schools which do not have minimum infrastructure facilities and staff. Access to education is the major concern in rural areas of our region, as there are not many schools available and the children need to walk miles to reach the school located for them and there are also no sufficient teachers available. Insufficient text books and learning material in the schools is also most important problem. The Mission of the Mother Theresa Rural Development Society is to restore, uphold, and enhance the human dignity of the poor and the marginalized through a process of education and empowerment. Its mission is to establish a school based on founded on values such as love, peace, empathy, human dignity and equality through a continuous process of transformation to bring about the desired change in the quality of the life of the children. In this area MTRDS has been doing a lot of student & school development programmes since its inception. It has provided school books, benches, uniform, sports material, projector etc., and now a step ahead, thinking on the concept of educational institute for rural poor and orphans. Though the government schools exist in these areas, when compared to private schools, the quality is a major issue. Majority of people living in villages have understood the importance of education and know that it is the only way to get rid of poverty. But due to lack of money they are not able to send their children to private schools and hence depend upon government schools for education. Hence we decided to overcome all these matters and give hope to the rural poor by supporting them with quality education. The main category of the children enrolls in this institution is the rural orphan kids who are without both the parents and semi orphans with one parent surviving and rural poor children. Their situation is very much pathetic as they are lonely or living with their grandparents or relatives. Hence we give lot of preference for such children. We run the orphanage just for them, treating like any other child in the school. We shelter such children to have a better future and this orphanage would be like their mother or father.