Father Julian Policetti

Fr. Julian Policetti is a postgraduate in English Literature. He is a catholic priest of the Nalgonda Diocese. His vast work experience includes being a director of the Nalgonda Diocese Social Service Society, finance minister of the Nalgonda Diocese, director of Farms and Marketing facilities of the diocese, and  the administrator of St. John’s Regional Seminary, Hyderabad. He did an internship studying the organizational system in various associations and foundations in Germany, particularly with ZG Reiffaisan in Karlshruhe.

Using his vast experience and knowledge, he founded ‘Mother Teresa Rural development Society’ in 2002 to implement his ideas to uplift the poor through self help programs that help to empower them to be able to help themselves. He has worked for 28 years in the field of rural development. His work experience focused on the grass root level marginalized Target group, women, farmers and the youth.  His main ideology is “Let the rural poorest of the poor be empowered in all aspects of human life and in the society”. This idea is spreading as a movement among the marginalized Target group.

He is very much interested in agriculture and the uplifting of the downtrodden small and marginalized farmers in the poorest sections of rural areas. He has been doing social services from the beginning of his career as a priest in different districts, regions and villages of the diocese of Nalgonda, India. He formed the first farmers cooperative the ‘Young Farmers Rural development Society’ at Nagar Kurnool of Nalgonda Diocese in 1989. This is being spread as a movement among the farmers and the women.

Fr. Julian is a well experienced person and very much interested in cultivation and agriculture.  His two decades of dedicated work has resulted into the genesis of a number of Farmers cooperatives in the Diocese of Nalgonda.  As the desire for farmers cooperatives is on the rise, Fr. Julian is focusing his efforts on organizing the agricultural sector through a movement of a combination of farmers and women cooperatives.

Being members of the farmers cooperatives has helped the farmers to produce their own quality seed, procure fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural inputs from various multinational companies. This was not possible for them to do alone.

At this time, he is concentrating on food security and providing safe drinking water for the rural poor as well as providing and implementing the use of other sanitation facilities. The farmers and the women cooperatives are now able to provide clean drinking water to the villagers. They are making the food grains available locally for the poor at below market value. These grains are sold at the village grocery stores run by the women cooperatives.

Fr. Julian promotes the education of children. He believes that education will help them to empower themselves to have a better future. At the same time Fr. Julian is taking care of the education of the children from poor families which can not pay for the education of their children, particularly female children, orphans, and the children of widows. Through MTRDS he is able to provide medical help for very poor families and supports the elderly through a small pension for the very old and restitutes. It is his desire to establish a school with living quarters for the orphans and poor children to save the dignity and self respect of the poor families. He is working towards that goal.