Kavitha, a bubbly, energetic young woman who runs a tailoring unit, says, “We were forty people who are in our group. We were the representatives of those people who started this venture, and we are quite successful. We were a bit dejected, initially, due to fear, but still pushed on with the hope that one day we will be a source of inspiration to other villages.”

Kavitha is physically disabled, but unstoppable in her zest and her passion for growth and a better life. Anyone else in her position might have chosen to see the darker side of her circumstances and become grumpy and resentful about her condition. But, not Kavitha.

She, along with others (including her daughter), run a tailoring shop on the interior road of Nalgonda. The women who work with her are also lively and optimistic.  Mother Teresa Rural Development Society supported the team’s ventures with a loan, which they have since paid off. They are teaching tailoring to others who aspire to learn the craft, and charge a fee to add to their revenue.

Kavitha spearheaded the initiative and grew it into a thriving business that teaches, sells clothing (as well as marriage and festival wear) and other items.

Since they began their venture, they have taken another loan of Rs.2, 50,000 ($3571) so as to purchase a bigger shop on the main road, and have almost paid that off, as well. She and her team are a great inspiration to all the members of the Mother Teresa Rural Development Society to dream big and reach their goals.