Manga Madaboina

Before Manga Madaboina, Member of Swayam Krushi SHG in Narketpally, had her own clothing store she worried about her family’s financial future. Her husband worked as a driver and his erratic job schedule made it difficult for them to make ends meet.

“The idea of my husband working odd hours and not being paid enough to support a family of four always had me feeling disturbed,” she said. “I thought I could put my skills of tailoring to work and start a …shop of my own.”
That dream became reality in September 2013, when Manga Madaboina was able to open her store because she received a micro loan from her group. She now sells saris, cosmetics, clothing accessories, and fabrics.
“Gradually, the people became aware of her business and there were new customers each day,” she said. “Now I am able to repay the loan with ease.”
Mother Teresa Rural Development society’s SHG group created the SHG’s Internal Lending system designed to help the women to develop their own ways out of poverty – whether it’s a sustainable agriculture project, skills development and training, or a small business.
“I see my business flourish; this makes me happy to have initiated it,” Manga Madaboina said. “My children are happy, and I am able to give them much more than before.”
“I am financially supporting my family, and this gives me a great joy from within,” she said.
She also takes great pride in the high quality of her store’s goods and services, which have become popular through word of mouth.