Mrs. Saritha: Milk Sales Center

The Swayamkrushi women’s group gave an internal loan of Rs. 15000/- from their savings to Mrs. Saritha. Mrs. Saritha invested the money establishing a milk sales center. She took over the dealership of Agrigold Milk Company. She supplies milk to all retails shops, hotels, and houses of Narketpally. She gets a commission of Rs. 2.50/- per liter. 50 – 70 liters of milk are sold each day. The milk business is flourishing day by day and she is able to repay her loan amount easily. Both husband and wife are actively involved in their business. She looks after the milk center and her husband delivers milk door to door. With their new business the family is able to meet their financial needs and educate their children. The women’s group was empowered financially through promoting income generating activities for their women.