Pandaiah: Dry Land Agriculture

Pandaiah is a simple farmer who lives in the Yarasanigudem village, one of our ILD project areas. He is a small farmer and has some cultivatable land. It is Pandaiah’s desire to produce Paddy (rice) on his 2 acres of land every year. He very much wanted to increase his production this season. As per his desire to increase his production he made a plan and discussed the matter with our agricultural co-coordinator. He asked for support from MTRDS. After verifying the land condition and listening to his plan, MTRDS provided him with resources including seed, fertilizer, and a micro loan. He spent a total of Rs. 28,000 on his project. After harvesting, he sold the production in the local market for Rs. 48,000. He earned a net profit of Rs. 20,000. From this profit he was able to purchase a bullock (ox) to help him plough his land in the future. He is very happy and extremely grateful to MTRDS for supporting his project.