Harvesting of Browntop Millets ( Andu Korralu ) by MTRDS Farmers at Yerasanigudem Village

Brown top millets cultivation is a gift for the farmers. To grow 1kg paddy 8000 litres water is needed conversely for 1kg millets only 200 litres water is required! Farmers are reviving cultivation of brown top millet, which can be grown on degraded soils with very little water, being an answer to climate change crisis and it is remarkable for its early maturing ability. The crop is harvested in 75 to 80 days. It survives even if monsoon is delayed. It requires a little bit of moisture during sowing and one or two rains later, for the crop to grow and mature. The millet is gluten free and rich in essential nutrients. It is a rich source of natural fibre, when compared to other grains. Brown top millet with its high nutrition content could also be an answer to deal with malnutrition among the rural poor.