Jeevana Jyothi Project “Light of Life”

Women Empowerment:8952_765700093496849_699356011524505372_n

Empowerment of the rural women through savings and credit program. This program is named as Jeevana Jyothi. The meaning of words Jevana (Life) Jyothi (Light). MTRDS is creating awareness and motivation among the rural women to form into Self Help Groups. Self Help paves the path towards sustainability and self reliance.


.Formation of Self Help Groups:

The SHG group has formed with 10-15 women members who regularly keep some savings. An individual member monthly savings of Rs. 60 to 100/- . The group themselves are doing internal Lending from their savings to needy women in the group with simple interest. This amount can be utilized for income generation activities. In this way, group savings have been increased and as well as family financial problems solved without going for out side lending with higher rate of interest.

The aim of MTRDS is to bring light into the lives of rural poor families through the Jeevana Jyothi program. The groups are formed into (Mahila mandals) federations and these federations are formed in to Mahila cooperatives.

.Capacity Building Trainings:

MTRDS is conducting capacity building trainings on a regular basis. We strengthen the capacities of the groups based on demand. Different capacity building training such as bookkeeping, leadership, gender, women rights, conflict management, community participation, planning of income generation activities,and resource mobilization, are taught.


….“Self development is an essential form of helping!”

Formation of Cluster Level Federations:

The aim of MTRDS is to reach the rural poor families through social mobilization process and formation of women SHGs. The groups are formed into federations and these federations formed into cooperatives. MTRDS conducted trainings on capacity building for the SHG members and now they are self reliant and can manage their own affairs.