Paddy Seed Production (Rice)

MTU1010 rice variety seed processing at Jeevana Jyothi seed processing unit.      April 2019

Seed processing brings the seed to the next quality level by making high-value seed forms and treatments that meet the quality standards. Once the seed is harvested by seed growers, it is transported to Jeevana Jyothi seed processing unit located at yerasanigudem. our team handle the seed carefully through different processes like seed receiving, drying, storage, treatment and packaging, before it leaves the door to our farmers . Standardized procedures and protocols are utilized for quality assurance of our processes.


 Process Our Paddy MTU 1010

The visit of Bangladesh team to our Jeevana Jyothi Seed processing plant. This time our plant is working day and night to process our paddy MTU 1010. Once the processing is over the seed samples are sent to Seed agency labs for testing. We hope to bring our seed for the farmers in next few days as the sowing season begins from 24th of this month. This way MTRDS is trying to provide with good seed to the farmers through our women and farmers cooperatives.

Seed production

The Farmers’ Are Preparing Lands For Transplantation

The farmers are getting ready for the second crop. We brought breeder seed from the agricultural university Hyderabad. The seed was given to interested farmers for them to plant, then harvest, and create more seed.

The farmers’ are preparing lands for transplantation.  The state seed certification agency and MTRDS will be monitoring the crop from this stage to the final stage of getting the seed ready for sale.

After the seed is harvested the raw seed will be procured and processed under the supervision of the state seed certification agency. Once the seed is approved for sale it will be labeled and sent to the farmers’ cooperative for retail sales.

Seed production

 Seed Production Sites Being Harvested

The first one during this season. The Paddy(Rice)Seed variety MTU-1010 will be processed in our packing unit and will be marketed through our women and farmers cooperatives. The total seed for production this season is 30 acres. Due to pest and various other reasons we will not be able to procure all the production from 30 acres. We want to maintain quality seed. So the production will be reduced this season too.

Seed Harvest Problem This Season “Post Harvest”

After harvest paddy (Rice) the farmers supposed to dry them up to some moisture condition. To reach such moisture condition they put the paddy on the rocky ground/mud ground to dry. The rain comes and washed away. The paddy is not suitable for seed. If you look at the photos the farmer and his wife are struggling to dry the paddy on the rocky ground. If they do not meet the moisture condition they would not get higher price in the market. So the farmers of our target area are facing paddy drying problem. Due to environment imbalance or cyclone affects the entire efforts of the farmers and are being wasted. Therefore the farmers are looking an alternative method to dry the paddy. So there is need to establish a paddy dryer to overcome this problem.

Post Harvest Problem