Rajitha is a young woman in her early twenties, working for the Mother Teresa Rural Development Society as a Seamstress/Tailoring Inststructor. She has created a multitude of designs for women’s wear: dresses, tops, blouses, and sleep wear. She has four assisting Seamstresses who sew together her designs once she cuts out the sections of her patterns. The clothes of MTRDS are in great demand. Their objective is to provide good quality garments, created from superior fabrics, at an affordable price.

Rajitha’s husband passed away a few days after her second child was born–a girl baby with medical problems. MTRDS assisted her in coping with her husband’s death and her medical expenses.

In order to help her build a future, Father Julian suggested that Rajitha take the Tailoring course, free of charge, at the MTRDS skill development centre. After completing the course, she worked out of her home until Fr. Julian brought her in as a Tailoring Instructor in the organization.

She’s most grateful for the hopeful future that the organization has given her, after the darkest day in her life, and wants to serve the organization by teaching others the craft and creating beautiful designs. Her daughter is eight years old now, going to school, and will need to receive medical treatments for the rest of her life. Her son is studying 5th standard.