What We Do

Food And Nutrition Security

image042MTRDS is promoting food and nutrition security by establishing co-operative stores by which the clusters committees are assured to provide food and nutrition to the members. The women’s’ cooperatives were encouraged to undertake kitchen gardens where they can produce vegetables, fruits etc for healthy food. There are a few clusters who are developing nurseries where they grow leaf vegetables. Leaf vegetables contain more nutrients and  increase nutrition intake in the human body.image040

MTRDS distributes medicinal plants to the members to grow in their kitchen gardens. The medicinal plants can then be used when there is a need.

In order to ensure food security throughout the year they buy food grain when it is available at the lowest price. the grain is stored in the community storage facilities  and then supplied to the members as needed. They opened a supermarket for members so that they may buy quality goods at affordable price at door steps. In this way MTRDS assures food and nutrition security in our target areas.

Health And Sanitation

MTRDS conducted awareness camps on health and sanitation programs in all our target villages. The key topics covered during the camps  include, environmental cleanliness, malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, safe drinking water, nutrition, toilets, housing, etc. The rural people are motivated to utilize available resources. MTRDS helped to make them aware of the problems and provided ways for them  to change their behaviors in regard to health and sanitation.

Awareness Camps

We conducted 10 awareness and motivationimage001 camps in our target villages. The total population covered during these camps was 909 people. The topics covered during the camps were as follows. The importance of safe drinking water, waterborne diseases, precautionary methods, importance of sanitation, use of toilets, cleaning methods and affects of improper sanitation facilities, etc. We created awareness of the need for safe water and safe health.

Safe Drinking Water

Fluoride is very much a problem in our target areas. The fluoride content ranges from 1ppm to 10ppm in our drinking water. Such high levels safe water filtersaffect the health of our people.  They are helpless and need a way to produce safe water. They are suffering from Fluorosis, stains on the teeth, immaturity in the growth of mind etc….To help with this situation MTRDS has taken measures and constructed Mini water tanks, installed de-fluoride filters in our target villages that participate in the safe drinking water program. MTRDS encouraged the women who belong to the Cluster Committee to start the community activity of providing safe drinking water for the people.

MTRDS installed six de-fluoride filters in the respective villages. The general health of the people has improved as a result of the safer drinking water project. The community activity is run and maintained by the Cluster Committees. They recruit a woman as paid employee to look after the water plant. They collect a nominal fee of Rs. 5/- per 20Liters of water. In this way the women clusters participation is encouraged in the community activities. Thus the community activities are sustained and self reliant.


Construction of Bathrooms


In order to arrest open defecation and improve  health and sanitation MTRDS constructed individual household toilets in our target villages. This picture is of a toilet ‘before’ with palm leaves for walls with only the

support of few sticks and the  ‘after’ picture with brick walls, a tin sheet roof and a tin sheet for the door..


HIV/AIDS Awareness Camps at the Village Level:

MTRDS is actively involved in the arrest of HIV/AIDS in rural villages. MTRDS conducted awareness camps with the involvement of self help groups of the village. We have been organizing awareness camps every year on the eve of world health AIDS day. On World AIDS day we organize rallies by involving the public in the local villages.

These trained leaders in turn train their peer members and groups in their respective villages. Moreover, the community organizers have a monthly meeting to discuss the issue and make future plans. The identified cases were referred to VCCTCs. 

Educational Help:

image047MTRDS promotes professional education for female children and the youth. 200 children and young people were supported under the child and youth development program. They are too poor to be able to afford to go to school.  This program is for the poor gild children. The children have the opportunity to take several classes to prepare them for employment.  These classes include:  Teaching Training Course (TTC), Auxiliary nursing and Midwife (ANM), B.sc Nursing, B.Ed, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBBS and more.  We pass outschool books, MTRDS has provided books to schools since 2013.

For the first time the local government of Telangana introduced English Medium for Primary Schools. MTRDS has come forward and taken responsibility in providing books, material, benches etc.,,  for 12 of those schools.  As of this year, 2016, we have started to provide English medium.

English is now taught in the schools.

We have also just passed out books to our first school for children with disabilities.

Medical Helpimage073

MTRDS provides emergency medical to poor ill people. Our  target recipients are women who need emergency medical help. These women are  given assistance to supplement their medical expenses as well as their children’s medical expenses. At this time 150 beneficiaries have received the emergency medical help form the organization.


Economic Support to the Poor Widows

MTRDS is giving economic support to the poor widows,their children, and orphans. With this help the widows setup a small businesses and they are able to send their children to our school. Orphans joined the school for a better future.

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