Sponsorship Program

Sonsorship Program

1. To sponsor a widow and her children: $40 per month a total of $480 per image006Annum. This will help the woman(widow) with economic support so that she might start a microenterprise like rearing a cow, a sheep, a goat, or learning a skill like sewing, tailoring, embroidery, etc. and allow some money for the education of a child in the family.

See our widow program 

image0082. To sponsor an orphaned child: $30 per month a total of $360 per year until the child completes high school…..for school fees, hostel fees, books, clothes etc.

See our orphan program

3. To sponsor a girl child from a poor family. We need to encourageimage010 the girls education as the parents and the society neglect the education of girls particularly in the rural areas. The costs are similar to an orphan child ($30 per month a total of $360 per annum).

See our Girl Child Education Program

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