Welfare Activities

Educational Help: MTRDS promote professional education among the girl children and the youth. 200 children and yo uth were supported under child and youth development program. There are children who are studying TeachTraingCourse (TTC), Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife (ANM), B.sc Nursing, B.Ed, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBBS Etc….

6.2 Medical Help: MTRDS supports the sick people under Emergency medical support. The target woman who needs emergency medical help was given assistance to supplement their medical expenses. Sofar 150 beneficiaries received the emergency medical help form the organization.


While working with rural people MTRDS found that widows deprived of love and affection, care and support o f their family members. They are helpless and the entire family burden on her shoulder. They are facing problems to lead the family. In this situation MTRDS has taken an initiative of helping the widows by providing vocational training at free of cost and supported financially to start income generation activity on their interest in their respective villages. Sofar 50 beneficiaries were received the help from the organization.


6.4 Old aged Help: Drought conditions driven the rural people into poverty as a result they started migrating to cities leaving the elderly people at home. While working with rural people MTRDS found that elderly people lost/deprived of love and affection, care and support of their family members. Therefore MTRDS conducted a survey and providing an amount of Rs.100/- for each person to meet their needs. This help is given once in month. Sofar 250 elderly people have received support under old age Help program


What is now proved was once imagined. This work owes itself to the context and the people who contributed to shaping and building it. It was just a thought a few years back and yet today, it exists as a testimony to the event it has become.